We want to help you and your team get as much stage time as you can handle, without worrying about how well connected you are. We all know that barprov shows exist, but because they are not at your typical comedy clubs, they can be hard to find. And that's where we want to help, by keeping an up to date list of what shows are happening.

So what is this barprov thing you keep talking about?
Thanks for asking. Barprov is basically an open mic for improvisers, and while it can take place at almost any type of venue, shows usually occur at bars on slow nights. Usually that means the crowd will be small, and mostly filled with other people that are there to perform. The stakes at a barprov show are very low, which means it's a great place to get your feet wet, or try out something new.

Can I get my show put on the list?
Of course! We would love to add your show. Send an email to matt@barprovindex.com, and we'll get your show set up.